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Magic of Merlin by Gaby Solina Grill -Mitterhofer ,Ellen Dana ' s Stamer and Melanie Shivanie Pfetzinger

EUR 9.99

 year 2007

This Attunement will connect you to the energy and magic of Merlin 

THis opening gives you Protection,Craft and Love for all to you 

It activates magic within you ,whic you very a long ago trusted even though you have forgotten ,it was always prsent within you 

Merlin the magician ,,the greatest light of the avatars of magic 

He carries the power of omnipotence in itself and brings to you now 

The Merlin Energy -The energy of Merlin

This is his energy ,one of the deepest and most powerful forms of energy on planet earth 

It allows you to deeply immerse yourself in all your systems to initiate major changes

Open your hearts to the power of the Merlin and let miracles happen 

Removal of energetic blockages and correction

Large heart opening takes place

Sel confidence ,strength ,power ,courage and calmness 

Opening your full potential 

Receive manual english ,chi ball attunement

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