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Psychometry Energetic Device Manuela Marques

EUR 7.99


year 2012   -  $ 29.00

Psychometry Energetic Device ™ Is an energetic device system. 


• Divining the Past • Divining the Future • Divining the Present • Making Accurate Predictions • Uncovering the Truth • Spiritual Visions • Akashic Records Access 

What is a psychometry Energetic device?

 It is an Energetic tool, whose energy When applied will assist you in Amplifying and enhancing your Psychometric ability. Psychometry comes from the Greek: ψυχή, psukhē, ​​"spirit, Soul "and μέτρον metron, measure. Psychometry is a form of Psychic reading many consider It is a form of scurrying.

 Psychometry is the ability to do A psychic reading by which a Person obtains details via Physical contact with Someone's possessions by Holding or touching. Hester Drowden, world Acclaimed medium, has Ascertained psychometry is the Power to divine the history of And even events connected to a Material object. Professor Robert Buchanan, Coined the term and was the First to experiment with psychometry.

you will receive pdf manual  and Chi Ball Attunement

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