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God' s Angels of Psychometry Master Level 1 & 2 by Manuela Marques

EUR 19.99


90 $ year 2017

You are never alone, there are always Angels surrounding you, anticipating your petitions and waiting to intervene. 

Angels are happy to provode special considerations on your behalf for your highest most perfect good.

With the psychometry ability you psychically read for self or another with the phsical contact of a possession by holding or touching a picture, a piece of jewelry or the handwriting of another.

 God’s Angels of Psychometry work to help you develop the psychic readings skills.

The Angels of Psychometry work on your behalf helping you to :

- Prophesize the Past, the Future & the Present

- Foretell Your Psychic Reading of Objects With More

- Reveal the Truth of People or the Situation

“The Angels of Psychometry are the sanctified custodians of God’s psychometry power.

 The Angels of Psychometry provide the awe-inspiring light filled assistance on your behalf and they will help you with amplfying and enhancing your existing psychometric abilities for the self or the other. 

The venerated Angels of Psychometry are the consecrated ones who are ever vigilant and attentive fot the psychometric psychic reading needs.

The Angels of Psychometry are attentive to you, as God’s ambassadors, to the dedliberations when you are holding an object and reading for yourself or the other.

The Angels of Psychometry not only lend the assistance in your readings, they protect you from receiving anything which is not from God or any lower astral energies.

Nothing is obscured where there is God’s holy light and sanctification shedding light to the Angels of Psychometry.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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