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Healing Diagnosis Reiki by Tawan Chester

EUR 5.00


year  2010

  Helps the Lightworker tap into Divine Knowledge & Wisdom to make better use of energy systems When treating Clients.

 prerequisites None,

 Do Not use this system or any system That I present to replace the medical care or attention of a regular physician, healthcare provider, or service provider. Reiki is used as a spiritual tool, or supplemental aid and holistic not as alternate medicines, care, treatments, or procedures. These types of energy tools are faith-based in nature and work in a subtle manner but can address many different aspects of your being and life. Always Consult your Physician, healthcare, service provider or early When the need arises.

 Diagnosis Energy Healing  comes to help you tap into the Divine Knowledge & Wisdom When using energy systems.

 Most Lightworker & Doctors listen to the client & He treats the symptom he / she Describes. In years past, Lightworker were taught That Reiki energy goes where You needed no matter where you send it.

 We've found out that's not the fullness of Reiki. 

That's just one of the major misconceptions That sono stati adjusted over time 

Those willing to trust by Universal Source and receive info That is more refined
I can not believe That everything we see around us all just came about "Willy- Nilly. "I'm  direct many things in my immediate sphere according to Functional my Desired outcome.

 I can direct energy and orchestrated to get the results I want.

 So why can we direct energy?

 Directing energy is exactly what we do, Whether by intent, verbally or both. Universal Source tells us to direct energy for the betterment of all, not just, I know That we're busy, but That we get positive results.

 Use Reiki Healing Diagnosis to get to the underlying causes, regardless of what information you receive from the Client.

 Although this energy is ideal for Lightworkers or Healers, Also it can be used by others as well

Receive manual in english and chi ball attunement

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