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Good Steward Reiki by Tawan Cester

EUR 5.00


year 2010

Good Steward Reiki is to help Those That Are employed by others.

 Employees are not worker bees, they are people. 

They fill every position in in business and are almost always in constant contact with the patrons of a business. 

They face daily and customers must present an acceptable person to Represent the business while in contact with the Customer (in person, by phone or email). 

Areas That an employee face and must excel in are:

  Time Management

  Ability to prioritize

 . Organizational skills 

 Continually Increas  productivity 

 Perform all tasks efficiently and in a timely manner

. Performance 

All These areas must be met by the employee to the acceptable degree of the employer to warrant a promotion. 

The Good Steward energy comes to help the employee excel in all areas with greater ease

Receive manual in English and chi ball attunement

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