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Magical Lake of Love by Fedosova - Morozova Ekaterina Manual in English or in Russian or in German

EUR 7.99

21 euro  yera 2018
We are mentors Violetta Sukhova, we pass attunement to Fedosova-Morozova 
Ekaterina Magical Lake of Love. 

This high frequency attunement helps any human soul that needs love. Turning  to this attunement, you can make up at any time a lack of love for yourself, the world, people, animals, events. 
So same, this is a Magical Lake can through love fulfill your desire, desire to  obtain money or to healing your cat (or your healing). 

This attunement has almost no boundaries.

 Love is the energy from which the world and the  universe are woven. 
Attunement The magical Lake of Love can get everyone, no preconditions. 
The attunement is not suitable for sessions for other.  

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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