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The Etheric Solfeggio Activationsby Jay Burrell.

EUR 20.00

£20.00 year 2019

 Balance the Mind, Body & Spirit with Sound  

Vibration is everything and every vibration has its unique frequency.

 By exposing the mind, body and spirit to the Solfeggio frequencies, you can easily achieve a greater sense of balance and inner healing. 

The Solfeggio frequencies align you with the rhythms and tones that form the basis of the Universe. Long associated with meditation music the Solfeggio frequencies are reputed to be the original frequencies used by the Gregorian Monks when they chanted during their daily meditations. The chant, based on the original six notes 396Hz, 417Hz, 528Hz, 639Hz, 741Hz, 852Hz, penetrate deep into the conscious and subconscious mind, drawing forth emotional reactions which we are sometimes unable to completely control. 

Within the  manual you will find information about each of the tones and how they can be used to encode them into your Auric Field in order to gain the etheric benefits of the tones. 

You can use these tones physically by listening to youtube videos or utilising tuning forks if you have them BUT they can also be accessed simply by setting your intention for the relevant Solfeggio Tone to be activated within your auric field as you perform a hands on healing. 

 Activating the Solfeggio tones within an etheric setting you can address many areas of your life include: 

 Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Healing

 Increased Awareness and Spiritual Gifts 

  Raising of your Vibration and Accelerated Ascension

  Experiencing moments of Spiritual Expansion and Ascended Bliss 

 Gaining a better understanding of the Dynamics of the Universal Mind. 

 Increased Psychic Abilities 

 Increased Psychic Communication and Discernment

 Connection with Reiki, Mahatma, Angels, Masters and Spirit Guides

You will learn about the following and much more: 

 The Etheric Solfeggio Tones. 

 Correspondences for each of the Tones. 

 How Etheric Solfeggio Frequencies Can Help You. 

 The Solfeggio Chakras.

 The Solfeggio Frequencies Guide. 

 The Etheric Solfeggio Frequency Program. 

  How to use the Solfeggio Tones for Healing.

You will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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