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Infinity Reiki Empowerment by Amanda Hadley

EUR 20.00

year  2021 - 20 euro

PLEASE NOTE-it is strongly advised that you have experience  and knowledge of energy work before taking this attunement.  
The energies of this system connect you to your infinite self,  to infinite Source energy, aligning past, present and future  together without boundaries. 

The energies are profound and activate a deep sense of oneness and awareness within you. A knowing of your place in this infinite universe, your connection to the divine and the endless possibilities open to each and every one of us. 
Physically we live in a finite world where everything has an  end, but we are infinite beings here. The idea that there  actually is no end is magical and empowering, we become 
conscious of the endless possibilities and limitless potential of  ourselves. 
This system incorporates the infinity symbol, the symbol of  infinite possibility, simplicity, balance and oneness. It is used  to activate and amplify the energies and will be given to you  during your attunement. 
This is a system of personal and spiritual development and  expansion. 

Infinity Reiki has many applications and aspects

Expand  Your  Awareness  and  Consciousness 

Raise  Your  Vibration

Calmness  and  Clarity  of  Thought  

Be  the  Observer    

and much more .

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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