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The 11 Bodies of the Human Psyche Empowerment by Jay Burrell.

EUR 30.00

£30.00  year 2020 

Prerequisite: None

The Human Psyche has 11 bodily aspects which are a model that is used to describe the mind, body and spirit within each person. There are various beliefs and philosophies about the aspect of the mind/body system. Some teachers will teach that the emotional body stores the emotional information and the casual body will store karmic imprints and the akashic records. Whatever theory or philosophy you hold as being true is right for you. What is important is that you create a balancing effect of the 11 bodies in order for them to flow in synchronisation to create a greater sense of overall health and personal well-being. T

he 11 bodies model of the mind and body system originated in yoga and is very closly linked to the teachings of Kundalini Yoga. One of the unique features of the ming/body model is that it describes 3 mental bodies which are seen as (positive, negative & neutral). The 11 bodies model also includes the physical body and the 6 spiritual energy bodies. 

 When the 11 bodies are out of synchronisation this can lead to physical and spiritual illness which in turn affects the overall state and effectiveness of your chakras, auric field and meridian systems. It is believed within the yogic model that disease begins at a spiritual level and then develops into the mental level before it finally manifests as a physical illness or disease. 

 The 11 energy attunements and spiritual functions  this system are used as a holistic approach to healing the mind, body and spirit of yourself and others.

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball 11 attunements

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