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Butterfly Maiden of Transformation Empowerment by Amanda Hadley

EUR 15.00

year 2021 - 15 £

 A beautiful rejuvenating energy connecting you with the Butterfly  Maiden to support and assist you in times of change and  uncertainty. 
The Butterfly Maiden or Polik Mana is a Hopi Native American  Kachina or spirit. 

Her energies are deeply rooted in nature and the elements. Kachinas are believed to be supernatural beings who hold the spirits of living things within them.  
In Hopi tradition butterflies are a symbol of Spring and renewal. 

Butterflies are painted, sewn and crafted into many everyday  items of the Hopi people; jewellery, baskets, textiles, dishes, etc. 
The Butterfly Maiden oversees Springtime, 

 The Butterfly Maiden represents transformation and rebirth,  she can assist us in breaking free from our cocoon and opening  our wings into a new life of joy, hope and lightness. 

The Butterfly Maiden is a creative force,She will encourage you to emerge from the darkness with courage and confidence in your unique beauty and Light. 

In times of change she will assist you and help you through life  transitions and help keep your energies light and bright. 
The Butterfly Maiden teaches us that change  it is a natural and necessary process, no matter how difficult it may seem.  We are capable of undergoing great transformation and being reborn anew. 

The Butterfly Maiden reminds us to think of the transformation  a butterfly undergoes, it is a natural process from caterpillar to  butterfly. The Butterfly Maiden can help us align with nature,  Mother Earth. 

The Butterfly Maiden is a very healing energy, helping us release  the past, heal and move forward. 

The Butterfly Maiden Symbolises: 





-natural healing 

-inner beauty 


-joy and light 



-spiritual growth 
you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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