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Ethereal Sweets by Ekaterina Fedosova

EUR 22.00

year 2021  - 45 euro 

The flow comes from the source of reiki, angelic dimensions, and human DNA

 Energy Ethereal Sweets Reikiis suitable for both men and women.

 Sweet food supports women's energy, the energy of joy and pleasure. 

Sweets are important for men and women, not only psychologically, but also for health. For the female body, sweet is necessary for the normal functioning of hormones. 

For men, sweetness is not so important, but it is also part of the normal functioning of the body. 

But there are diseases and cases when the sweet must be limited or abandoned altogether. This energy help to make the body suffer less, the angels send us magical energies. Energy will give help with addiction to sweets, insulin resistance, overweight, depression, diabetes and all those who feel hopeless, lack of energy, flow will give happiness, joy from business and change. You can apply the flow anytime, anywhere, whenever you feel the need. 

The Ethereal Sweets Reiki system includes the Ethereal Chocolate Reiki or Chocolate Reiki system. This flow will help with chocolate addiction and lack of love, not only for yourself, but also for the world, if you feel desperate and hopeless.

 Ethereal Chocolate can be used separately from or in conjunction with Ethereal Sweets Reiki, or other streams of any modality. Both attunements help to make your physical body nutrition healthier and maintain your femininity, feminine energy. The flows are ideal for people who are allergic to sweets. The initiation to Ethereal Chocolate Reiki acceptance automatically with the acceptance of Ethereal Sweets Reiki. 

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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