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Cuzco Artist Channeller

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CZ Card - Black Magic and Witchcraft Effects - Destroyer Knight - by Cuzco Artist Channeller

EUR 50.00

After  you receive the attunement the energy channeled in the CZ Card image is renewed automatically you throughout your life at the frequency  more suitable for you.

These high powers channeled in this CZ Card they can help with the following but not only! 

Block and Remove All Witchcraft Effects Now !

Block and remove all Energies that can undermine your stability at all levels

These great powers  remove from your life All Financial blockages and the malicious energies in all forms.

Are strong magic energy that destroys black magic of any kind and its effect 

Only if  you want  they can  upon the sender and neutralizer it

Brings you Stability, and Fertility, Respect, Abundance, Luck, Love, Health, Financial Gain, Success, Good Health and the realization of your goals.

After you have received the attunement,through  focus on the image of the CZ Card  you ask that these powers to flood your etheric body with their powerful vibrational frequency and you can feel guided you to  find much uses of these energies!

​You can use them by your intuition and  intention.

you will receive pdf manual ,CZ Card Image JPG and Chi Ball Attunement

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