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Magic of Goddess Reiki by Ekaterina Fedosova,

EUR 30.00

year  2021 - 65 euro 

In the flow of the Magic of the Goddess Reiki, you are connected by the healing flow of reiki and divine magic.

You can summon energies at any time for beauty, healing, connection with your inner goddess and divinity.

You can apply this flow for charging the water for ablutions, you can make energy bathrooms, creams, elixirs.

The Magic of the Goddess Reiki will help you take care of your health and the health of your family.

 You can fill the walls of the house with the flow, and all the objects of the house, yourself, and the energies will fill you and all things around you with powerful energies of divinity.

 This will help strengthen the house, yourself and your family. Use the flow for protection.

You can activate it just for your pleasure, so that you can always be in your divinity and power.

By accepting initiation into the Magic of the Goddess Reiki, you automatically receive initiation in the modality:

The Goddess of Slimness Reiki

This part of the flow will help you heal the energies that do not allow you to achieve your healthy weight and beauty.

Energy will gently heals your blocks, it will be easier for you to conduct wellness therapies, diets, exercises.

 The Goddess of Slimness will make it easier to switch to a healthy and caring lifestyle. Every goddess deserves the best.

The Goddess of Money Reiki

Part of the flow of the Goddess of Money Reiki comes from the source of Reiki and the divine source of money.

You can activate the flow to heal the blocks for the manifestation of money in life.

Your energy physical blocks and mind blocks must be healed. You need prepare your mind for changes and the power of money will quickly manifest itself for you.

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement 

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