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The Reincarnation Awareness Activation by Jay Burrell,

EUR 15.00

year 2021  - 15 £

 Prerequiiste Reiki 1st Degree

Reincarnation is the belief that after death the soul separates from the body and takes another body to continue with another mortal life. 

you will learn about the following and more:

  What is Reincarnation?

 The Laws of Karma.

 Reincarnation Soul Meaning. 

  Reincarnation in Eastern & Western Religions.

 Signs That Your Soul Has Reincarnated Several Times.

 Recommended Attunements to use alongside the Reincarnation Awareness Activation. 

  Past Life Regression Guided Meditation. 

 Reincarnation Symbol. 

 The  Changing Past and Future Timelines etcc.

you will receive pdf manual and distant attunement

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