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The Divine Runes of Jesus Reiki by Ekaterina Fedosova

EUR 22.00

 year  2021 - 45 euro 

The divine runes of Jesus Reiki comes from the source of Reiki and the love of Jesus.

You will be able to add up your rune formulas for your needs and desires in the energies of the flow. Jesus transmits his magic, love, and omnipotence in these energies. It will fill our life with light.

You do not need to see or know all the runes, there is no need to compose your own runes you can call the flow and get love, healing, to get banishing negativity and all your troubles. 

Trust in the divine Universe of love and Light.

Jesus send several runes, use them only within the flow, do not mix them with other energies or runes, do not experiment.
These are the main runes of the Divine Runes of Jesus Reiki system. 

You will be able to find personal runes in the process of working in the stream, and they will work only for you, do not give them to others.

The Divine Runes of Jesus Reiki brings powerful healing, love, prosperity, enlightenment, unification of your aspects. 

you will receive pdf manual and  chi ball attunement

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